God the omnipresence is the only one that can always be there for you whenever you are facing challenges of life or in one problem or the other.  He will be there for you in times of trouble in the air He is therefore His children. On the sea, He is there for you, in the desert He is there, even in the jungle and desolate wilderness He is always there for me. When passing through the trouble water, river and fire of challenges of life He does not leave His own or forsake them. He is ever present to help them out of the many predicament or difficult situations. The ever present God does not sleep or slumber He does not go on sabbatical leave, He does not become sick. Nothing can make Him depressed, sorrowful or frustrated. There is no occasion of gloominess in Him. His ever-g...

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The black slave who became the first international woman evangelist

The life of Amanda Smith was extraordinary: she travelled from being a black slave to becoming the first international woman evangelist. Amanda was born in 1837 in the American state of Maryland, the first of 13 children. Her parents were slaves and she became one too. Despite the poverty of her upbringing Amanda grew up surrounded by prayer and Bible reading and was taught to read and write by her parents. Through hard work, her father managed to buy freedom, first for himself and then for his family. Although free, Amanda still suffered discrimination and was to have a very limited education. She became a maid at 13 and was to work as a domestic help until her mid-thirties. She married at the age of 17 and had two children, only one of whom survived into adulthood. Her husband die...

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