God the omnipresence is the only one that can always be there for you whenever you are facing challenges of life or in one problem or the other.

 He will be there for you in times of trouble in the air He is therefore His children. On the sea, He is there for you, in the desert He is there, even in the jungle and desolate wilderness He is always there for me.

When passing through the trouble water, river and fire of challenges of life He does not leave His own or forsake them. He is ever present to help them out of the many predicament or difficult situations.

The ever present God does not sleep or slumber He does not go on sabbatical leave, He does not become sick. Nothing can make Him depressed, sorrowful or frustrated. There is no occasion of gloominess in Him. His ever-glad and Joyful nature does not embrace any evil or negatively but rather, it is built on righteousness, peace, love, mercy and truth; He does not need no one encouragement for our God cannot be said or found in moody situation.

A mortal man cannot always be there for you because man avoid all his glory is like a flower that short out in the morning, and in the afternoon of (flower) become so colour and beautiful. But in the evening it withers away so it is with a mortal ma and his help (glory). There was a widow who lost her husband and one of the husband relatives told her saying “ Look young woman”, don’t be too sad?  “ I am always there for you and your three children. Whatever you need especially your children school fees and feeding , just call on me and I will provide it for you. Cheer up and cry no more.

Unfortunately this man died before the the widow and her three children would need his assistance Too painful.

Be reminded, God does not die and He is the only provider who does not fail in His promises. The only one that can always be there to help you and not man.

There is this other heart trending story of a boy who asthmatic was patient. The boy had an alarm clock designed for him. Whenever he was having a seizure he would press the bottom on the alarm clock to alert the people in the house that he was having a seizure and he quickly  press the bottom on the alarm clock. Within a twinkling of an eyes his elder sister showed up and handed him his in-haler and the seizure subsided after using it . His sister them told him, saying , “Joe don’t hesitate to press the alarm clock on your hand, I will always be there to help you”. All you need do is to just press the clock on your hand and I will immediately come to your rescue.

Unfortunately the day the boy was having a very severe seizure, his sister was nowhere to be found. She has gone to groceries for shopping. No one to answer to the call of the alarm clock the boy struggles with inconsistent breath and gave up the ghost.  

His sister came back from groceries and found her brother dead and wept uncontrollably.  A mortal man cannot be physically present in two places a time and he died because his sister  is not omnipresent.

God the omnipresent is the only one that can always be there for you and I. As large as the population of the world, God can be present in seven billions places at a time.

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